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Coolest Spider Ever

This gallery contains 4 photos.

I have had a spider living in my lavender bush for quite some time, and every so often I check on things in the hope I will finally see her. This morning I saw an odd round shape in the … Continue reading

Tsunami Signs

I had to take pics of all of the tsunami signs on campus, some of which give advice, and others which seem to justify why the students had to go to school on the last day before Spring Break, when not everyone lives were they were unaffected by the Wave.

Trying to Identify This Tree

These pictures are of two different trees on campus, one much younger and smaller than the other.  I’ve seen this kind of tree at the DVC campus before as well, and the flowers are relatively short-lived, with the leaves coming afterwards.  It would be nice to know what kind of tree it is.

The Night it Snowed in Eureka