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Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

The recipe original was created by Michelle Berteig and posted on . I have added my own embellishments to the ingredients list and cooking instructions, rather then as notes at the bottom.


4 c. milk
3 eggs, beaten
2 tbsp. vanilla
2 c. sugar
3 tbsp. butter
1 c. raisins (optional)
– Or any other dried fruit of choice, or any such ingredient soaked in the alcohol of your choice.
1 loaf of bread
– Bread leftovers, heels, bread type products all acceptable, with sourdough breads working best for this recipe. Stale is fine, but harder to work with.


Tear or dice bread into small pieces in a large bowl, adding optional dried fruit if desired.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Mix the milk, eggs, vanilla and sugar in a seperate bowl, then add to bread; mix well.
Let the mixture sit for a little while so that the milk is absorbed.
Grease the baking dish with all of the butter. You will have large pieces of butter in the pan, which is fine.
Pour the pudding into the greased pan and cook for one hour or until firm and brown at the edges.
Can be consumed at any temperature, and is excellent with a whipped cream topping or whiskey sauce.


The recipe can easily be altered to accomadate more or less bread, but beware making too much liquid as the result is custard with bread in it, rather then bread pudding.

Because bread pudding was originally intended to make use of old, stale bread I make a point of keeping all of the heels and leftovers that I would have originally discarded in a zip top bag in the freezer until I have enough to make the pudding. This way bread pudding remains a treat for me and prevents waste at the same time.